Welcome to Ladie Talks!

Ladie Talks is a lifestyle/food/rant/mommy type blog.

Life has swooped me off of my feet and drop kicked me through a wall. My new path is marriage, pregnancy, and housewife-dom… all things I never expected to experience. As I take a break from university life to be a pregnant woman and a stay at home mom for a while, I need an outlet that’s not linked to my social media. Thus, Ladie Talks was created!

Why Ladie and not Lady? Read about that here: http://www.ladietalks.com/why-ladie/

What to Expect…

If you’re the kind of person that fits into the weird niches lost in the cracks of the Earth’s billions of people, then you’re at home here, and there’s a good chance we should be friends. The topics I’ll graciously rant about and inform you of are the many aspects of my lifestyle and hobbies. Sure, marriage and pregnancy and kids, but also World of Warcraft, showing and riding horses, the liberating and upsetting sides to being so honest, university life, why plants are so super neat, and past employment.

Oh, and food. I’m somewhat of a misanthropist because of food using up all the love in my heart.

Typically, I like to keep how much of an asshole I am to my private life, and so this blog was created for me to speak freely and say what I need and want to. I am always open to content ideas, so drop me a topic if you would like me to cover something!

Coming SOON…

Why Other Moms Suck

Fitting a Nursery in the Toddler’s Room/ DIY Processes

Birthing Class: Week Two

Pregnancy Frustrations/Rant

Honesty: The Exhilarating and Exhausting Consequences of Being Truthful