10 Interesting Perks and Pains of Being Pregnant

10 Interesting Perks and Pains of Being Pregnant

There are many, many things that come to mind when listing perks and faults of pregnancy. What applies to me today might not be the same tomorrow. If this list isn’t what you expected, then you need  to appreciate cheese and free favors more!

10 Interesting Perks and Pains of Being Pregnant

5 Perks of Pregnancy!

Of the many perks of pregnancy, these 5 are the most important ones to know about.

1. You can eat all the cheese you want and feel no shame.

no guilt cheese

Everything should be eaten in moderation to maintain a healthy lifestyle… unless you’re a pregnant woman. It says somewhere in the fine print of cheese food labels that this rule no longer applies.

2. You’ll find substitutions for things you used to love doing… or consuming.

wind down with wine

I used to love drinking a glass of wine or hard cider at night. When I first became pregnant, I was sad to see this ritual of mine fade away. It took me longer to figure this out than I like to admit, but there are plenty of substitutions! Hot chocolate is my new wind-down drink. I’m sensing a dairy theme here…

3. There’s time to unleash the creative beast inside!

creative beast

I was working and studying as an undergraduate and found myself slacking on many hobbies. Now that I’m nesting, I’ve started this blog, sewed a little, cooked and baked a LOT, and reconnected with Blizzard games. Next up, DIY nursery!

4. Time For a New Wardrobe!

shopping spree

I loved all my new comfy leggings and cardigans that I got! They’re things I can wear after pregnancy too. It was also fun getting new shirts to accentuate the bump and make me feel cute throughout my pregnancy. The massive haul of knee and lounge socks were also necessary.

5. Favors Are Free.

laying jacket over puddle

There’s nothing wrong with taking an IOU once in a while, but when you’re pregnant, these things come for free! I still carry my own laundry basket, even when it makes me waddle like a penguin, but if someone offers then there’s no shame in taking the easy way out.

5 Faults of Pregnancy

There are many difficult and terrible things that go hand in hand with pregnancy, but many are to be expected. No drinking, roller coasters, eating tons of fish, or laying on your stomach to name a few. Here are the 5 of the most prominent faults of pregnancy in my experience.

1. Food can hurt you.

over consumption

Remember what I said earlier about eating in moderation? It’s hard to do when your body is telling you to consume, consume, CONSUME! It’s easy to go overboard, and when you do, you’ll be in a world of hurt. Heartburn, nauseating food aversions (fruit and veggies in my case), and throwing up caused by your newly-squished and slowed down digestive tract are some fun side affects. Taking it easy in the face of hunger is no simple feat.

2. You’ll begin to question your intelligence.

confused muddled illogical muddled disoriented

“Pregnancy Brain” is no joking matter. I found myself forgetting everything I was told, and taking an extra few seconds to respond to people. I started wondering if I had developed a brain tumor. Fear not, for the fog will clear and you will become sharp once more… in a few months maybe.

3. Everyone stares at you in public.

staring creep

Congratulations! The larger that bump gets, the more of a spectacle you become. They’re hosting an internal game show called “Pregnant or Fat?” The woman always loses.

4. You’ll live in the bathroom.

toilet paper live in the bathroom

Oh, you just went pee 3 minutes ago? Guess what, baby shifted a little and now you HAVE to go again, even if it’s two whole drops. Welcome to your new home.

5. People will touch you.

unwanted touching

Strangers that try to touch will receive hand slaps or throat punches. Family on the other hand, is worse. I’ve come to expect their lingering strokes across my belly at every chance they get. Becoming pregnant doesn’t mean I’m the family pet! Hands to yourselves, people.

Leave me a comment and let me know what your most memorable perk or pain in pregnancy was!

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