Why Ladie?

Why Ladie?

Because It’s my internet alias! Many years ago, I began playing World of Warcraft. My main from then until Legion has been a druid named Ladiebane. All of my alts have names that begin with Ladie, and so that is how I’m known.

Once Legion hit, my guild went Horde (it was painful for me). With the new expansion, I decided to boost a troll druid and leave Ladiebane Alliance. I named this new druid Senescea. It’s a play on the senescence of plants

Admit it, you just learned a new word!

Although I love this new name, I am planning on changing it to Ladiebane as well, because it just feels… wrong. I’ll be back on my nerd-slaying game soon, I have just taken a break while I adjust to this new weird part of life.

Wanna stalk my WoW account? Check it out here:


Wanna watch me play online? I have a Twitch channel!


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